Work Experiences.

Aug 2022 – May 2023

Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant, Syracuse University | Syracuse, New York

  • Conducted comprehensive data collection and analysis on risk management and financial risks in US banking institutions, with a focus on operational risk analysis using Python and Excel
  • Streamlined data retrieval about over 6000 institutions by creating efficient data pipelines using MySQL and Python, that resulted in a 40% reduction in retrieval time and faster access to critical information.
  • Implemented Python code to automate data manipulation, leading to a remarkable 90% decrease in processing time and a significant 50% reduction in data errors
  • Provided support and assistance to more than 100 students, guiding them through advanced Excel techniques and descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics methodologies
Sep 2022 – Dec 2022

Lean Six Sigma analyst, Upstate Hospital | Syracuse, New York

  • Took charge of Lean Six Sigma team to implement DMAIC methodology and analyzed critical bottlenecks in the hospital's inventory processes, leading to enhanced efficiency and cost savings
  • Employed PowerApps and Azure Database and built an SQL code to craft an intuitive inventory management app,facilitating real-time monitoring and seamless data integration
  • Successful implementation resulted in precise tracking of inventory valued at over $1 million, mitigating stockouts and optimizing procurement and supply chain operations
  • The new system enhanced the overall efficiency and accuracy of inventory tracking processes by 80 %
Jan 2022 – May 2023

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Syracuse University | Syracuse, New York

  • Assisted more than 50 students with different software tools, including Excel, R, Tableau, Power BI, SQL
  • Provided instructional support during and outside of the class hours on various topics, including relational databases, machine learning techniques for business, integer programming in Excel, BI and dashboard building
  • Assisted with proctoring and grading final exams, ensuring accuracy and compliance with guidelines
Mar 2019 – Jun 2019

Finance Intern, Bank Respublika | Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Prepared daily, weekly, and monthly financial reports, thus decreased workload of full-time workers by almost 20%
  • Automated Data extraction, hence increased productivity of the full-time workers team by almost 15%
  • Analyzed the whole client base of the bank with more than a million clients for the cases of money laundering
  • Interacted with DBMS team to improve the ETL of the customer and financial data of the bank
Sep 2020 – Apr 2021

Junior Business Analyst, BSC | Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Conducted in-depth market research on industry trends, competitors, and emerging technologies, and presented the findings to the management and the client
  • Utilized Python and Excel for data extraction, transformation, and analysis, providing actionable insights to support strategic decision-making
  • Mapped and analyzed existing business processes, identifying key areas for improvement and efficiency gains
  • Collaborated with teams to implement streamlined processes, resulting in a 25% reduction in operational costs



Python, SQL, SAP, Power BI, Tableau, R/Rstudio


NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scikit-learn


Word, Excel (Pivot tables, Power queries, Macros, Nested If), Power Point, Access, Outlook, Teams


English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, German



(315) 965-57-84